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Many generations of folks in Rock Spring, Georgia, have come to rely on top-quality eye exams, contact lenses, and designer glasses from North Georgia Vision Center. With more than 25 years of experience, North Georgia Vision Center is the practice to trust with all your eye care needs.

While vision plays a big part of life, style is equally important. Eyewear is the fashion statement for the next millennium. Look around and you will see how true it is. Remember, not making a fashion statement is still making a statement. Our first impression of others is visual. Eyewear is part of that visual presentation.

Our office displays eyeglass frame styles that vary from colorful and fashion forward, to elegant and contemporary. Many of these designers offer both glasses and sunglasses and most sunglass designs can be customized to incorporate your eyeglass prescription.


Designing Glasses to Meet Your Needs

We have an expert staff of opticians that will help you design a pair of glasses that will meet the needs of your lifestyle. Whether they’re to help you see the computer or to block out the glare of the sun, we have just the right answer to your problem. Our team is happy to provide a range of vision correction and optometry services.

 Are you bothered by glare, especially at night? Try glasses with an anti-glare coating. This is the same coating that is used for camera lenses.

 Do your glasses seem too heavy? Try a frame made of titanium. They are lighter, and stronger than ordinary metal frames.

 Do your eyeglass lenses look too thick? Try a lens material with a higher index of refraction. That will make the lenses up to 50 percent thinner and lighter. You can also choose an eyeglass frame that is smaller, thereby using less lens material.

 Do your prescription lenses make you look bug-eyed? Aspheric lenses are more flattering and achieve a more natural appearance while maintaining visual clarity.

These are just a few examples of how we can help you design a pair of eyeglasses to best meet your needs. Rimless frames and drill-mounted frames are available in a variety of styles for our patients.

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